How do I start a new experiment?

An Experiment assigns specific roles to each Sensor Dot that is in-use, which can then be used to start a new recording. An experiment can contain more than one recording!

Follow along with these steps to start a new Experiment:

Set up a new Experiment

  1. Connect the Dock to your computer with the provided USB cable. Make sure all your Sensor Dots are in the Dock. Dock & Sensor Dots
  2. Start the Composer application and log in with your Byteflies account if you aren’t already. Log-in Screen
  3. Click New Experiment and add a name and (optional) description for the Experiment. New Experiment View

Assign Roles to your Sensor Dots

  1. To start using one of your Sensor Dots, take it out of the Dock first and click Add a Dot once it becomes available. Add Sensor Dot
  2. Give the Sensor Dot a name (optional) and select a role for your Sensor Dot. Assign a Role
  3. A new virtual Sensor Dot will appear next to your Avatar. Drag and drop it onto the avatar. Note that the color of the LED on your Sensor Dot is reflected on the avatar. Drag Sensor Dot to Avatar
  4. Select an appropriate patch, peel off the adhesive protection and place it on the same location as indicated on the avatar. Snap the Sensor Dot into the Patch.
  5. Verify that you’re getting a good signal in the live stream window. In case of issues, please check here to troubleshoot your signal.
  6. Click Confirm. Confirm Sensor Dot Configuration
  7. Repeat these steps for all Sensor Dots you want to add to this Experiment.

Please note that your Sensor Dots have to remain within range of the Dock to assign them to an Experiment! Also try to limit interference from other Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones by not placing them in close proximity to the Dock.

Finalize your Experiment and start a Recording

  1. Click Create Experiment to save your Sensor Dot Roles. Create Experiment
  2. The new screen that appears is your live view into your Experiment, and from now on referred to as the Manage Experiment screen. In that screen, you can switch between the Add Notes view and Live Stream view for all your active Sensor Dots via the buttons in the upper-right hand corner. Live Stream View
  3. To instruct your Sensor Dots to start recording, click the red Record button in the upper-left hand corner. Start Recording

At this time, you can safely close Composer. Your Sensor Dots will keep recording until you instruct them to stop or the battery runs out.

Continue to manage an ongoing experiment to learn more.

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