How do I manage an ongoing experiment?

You can open the Composer application at any time during an ongoing experiment to verify the live stream(s), add notes, or start/stop a Recording. Make sure all your Sensor Dots are in range of the Docking station. If you did not start an Experiment yet, check here first!

Add Notes

The first view on the Manage Experiment screen that opens when you launch the Composer application while an Experiment is already running is the Notes screen. Here you can add text notes that will be stored in your experiment with a timestamp. The red top banner indicates a Recording is in progress. Add Notes

View the live stream(s)

When you switch to the live stream view, all active streams for your Sensor Dots will show. Note that if you just launched Composer, it may take a couple of seconds for all your Sensor Dots to show up. Live Stream Notes

Manage Recordings

To stop the current recording, simply click the Stop button in the upper-left hand corner (see arrow in previous panel). As long as you don’t click End Experiment (upper-right hand corner), you can start a new Recording as explained before that will be associated with the same Experiment. You can repeat this process as many times as you want but please note that changing the Roles assigned to one or more Sensor Dots will require you to start a new experiment.

End the Experiment

As soon as you have finished recording the data you wanted, launch the Composer application (if it wasn’t already open), and click the End Experiment button in the upper-right hand corner. Composer will go back to the main screen where you get an overview of all your past Experiments and a new experiment can be started. End Experiment

Continue to download your data to learn how to access the data you just recorded.

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